Drop-In Drawing at the Denver Art Museum with Jaime Molina

Drop-In Drawing took inspiration from Jamie Molina's interactive and immersive installation Past the Tangled Present. We were so excited when Jamie Molina joined our Drop-In session to talk about his installation and create drawings. Here is a quote from the artist: 

“I was keeping in mind the discovery concept, but rather than focusing on just the discovery element, I thought it was appropriate to add in the possible microcosms that one could encounter on any given day. People get so caught up in the daily events and bustle that a great discovery could be right under their nose and they would miss it because they were too caught up in the tangle of everyday life. If one were able to slow down they could fall into these small moments of discovery and joy. Much like the wonder and openness of a child. They could see past the tangled present.” -Jaime Molina

Thank you, Jaime for sharing your creativity and incredible art skills with Drop-In Drawing.